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July 16

bro so I've been swimming for years (around 3-4) and where I swim there are like different levels (1-5, with 3 and 4 being combined) and after the first session when I was in level 1 I've been stuck in level 2, and even people who have been there shorter than me are in the level 3/4. Honestly it's starting to make me more willing to stop swimming and do something else, like dance or cheer (but whenever I mention cheer my mom says it like in discust or something like that, I don't really know how to explain it to well.) I mean don't get me wrong I love being in the water, it's just that without moving up any levels it makes me feel less-than and that I haven't really improved since I got to the second level. And really looking into it, I don't really have much outside of school that I'm that good at besides fashion design.

Also, I just took a look at my diary from when I was 9 and I REALLY shouldn't have had suicidal thoughts and intentions at that age.

Uh and last thing! And on a much bringter note, there was a Genshin Impact update today!! AHHH I haven't played in like forever because of the lack of updates, (or like events/exploration events) so I'm really happy about that!!

April 22

Do you just ever like look out the window and be like, yeah, there used to be a forest here, tall grass here, ect.

April 18

Hey you know what would be cool? The ability to see your cite history on the dashboard. Also working on my "company". Oh and I added a button so you can go back to the homepage now!

April 14

Bruh, two, yes TWO tests in ONE day T-T why. At least I didn't have to do 2 state tests today.

April 5-6


Today was GREAT! My team won a dogball game so we get to go to the finals! It will be 7th vs 8th grade and I think that we will win, so uh, thats pretty much all for today.


Bro, I think that I jinxed it. SOOO, this is how it went

7th 8th
0 1
1 1
1 2

But I'm suprised that they only won by 1 point, because they had like double the amount of people we had AND every throw was like REALLY strong, AND they are a year older than us. So I think that we did pretty good, but it would have been nice to have won the whole thing. Eh at least we get to do it next year!